[FR] openSUSE Conference 2019 – Nuremberg Germany

Before Conference

After an 18-hour flight from Jakarta, Mr. Edwin and I finally arrived at Nuremberg. It is the city of SUSE’s office. We arrived at Nuremberg Airport around 10.00 AM. At first, I thought the immigration checking process would be quite intimidating. Turned out, I was being too paranoid 😀 The questions asked were standard one, such as what’s the occasion coming here, where do you stay and for how long.


Afterward, we bought tickets at a kiosk machine with destination to Lange Zeile, the place where we rent an apartment.


We reached the apartment with no hassle. After some rest, we went directly to the openSUSE Conference 2019 venue at Z-Bau. There weren’t many people around yet.


But we managed to meet with Katrin Murr and Douglas DeMaio, chit-chat for a while and did some helping around.

Before returning to the apartment, we tried to find the nearest mosque to the venue for our Friday prayer. Fortunately, we found it. It is called the Nuremberg Central Mosque. Felt content, we walked back to the apartment, took some rest and waited for the time for our breakfasting, which was around 09.53 PM.

Did I forget to mention that this event was held on the same month with our holy month Ramadan? Yups, we were fasting and it was my first experience having my fasting for more than 14 hours. 🙂

Day1 Conference

Arrived at the location we immediately queued to re-register and take merchandise. at the registration desk I was offered to take a special edition T-shirt or Bag openSUSE Conference. finally I chose T-shirt.


I followed some sessions on the first day and got to meet lot of new people. EOS Design System by Chintya and Jesus, DNF vs ZYpp: Fight! by Neal Gompa So exciting! “Kubernetes The Hard Way” on openSUSE Cloud environment by Masayuki Igawa openSUSE MicroOS and openSUSE MicroOS Desktop by Richard Brown


and the last before we left for Friday prayers openSUSE MicroOS in Production by Ish Sookun. After that we decided to go to the mosque. After completing the prayer, we returned to Z-Bau

Day2 Conference

I just followed some sessions until lunch break, after that I skipped the next session and went to the Hauptbahnhof to meet Mr. Edwin’s brother and his daughter, they live in Augsburg Germany. Then we went around the old town (Altstadt) and the fortress (Burg) in Nuremberg


View from the top of Burg


Day3 Conference

Third day of conference, in morning is about Atomic Updates – and /etc? by Thorsten Kukuk, State of Ceph by Kai Wagner and What can you do with a self-hosted alternative to Office365, Google Apps and others by Frank Karlitsche

After lunch the event was started by Annual Discussion with openSUSE Board. The openSUSE Board will present the outcome of their last F2F meeting, where they started driving its collective agenda for the next year. everybody is welcome to ask questions, give feedback, make suggestions and present ideas.


Last Day
We just relax at the apartment from the morning, after Dzuhur we prepared to go to the Airport. heading back home!
openSUSE Conference 2019 at Nürnberg is truly a pleasant experience, it was an unforgettable time to be the part of the #oSC19. Thank you for all the warm welcome while in Germany, and see you at the openSUSE.Asia Summit 2019 Bali

You can see more pictures by me on Flickr

Danke schön, Thank You!

Get Back OpenStack Instances State after Host Reboot

Pernah gak ngalamin node Compute reboot? baik disengaja maupun tidak, lalu semua Instances OpenStack di dalamnya statusnya berubah jadi SHUTOFF dan kita mesti start atau sesuaikan state-nya secara manual 😀 mungkin masalah yang kalian alami sama, yaitu belum mengaktifkan opsi ini di konfigurasi Nova

Lalu bagaimana agar state Instances kembali menjadi sediakala sebelum host Compute direboot, cukup aktifkan opsi ini

Setelah itu muat ulang services Nova

Uji coba, cek uptime dan list Instances OpenStack untuk mengetahui state awal

Selanjutnya, coba reboot node Compute dan cek Instances kalian kembali

Sekian dan Terima kasih

Mengamankan SSH dengan Google Authenticator – openSUSE Leap 15

Bagi saya, akses SSH ke Jump server, Jump host atau Jumpbox menggunakan Public Key adalah mandatori, kali ini saya akan menambahkan Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) untuk akses SSH ke Jump server saya. Berikut langkah-langkahnya:

1. Pasang Repositori

2. Pasang paket Google Authenticator

3. Jalankan Google Authenticator

Scan barcode atau masukan Your new secret key ke aplikasi Google Authenticator

4. Sunting berkas Konfigurasi SSH

5. Disable common-auth dan tambahkan auth google

6. Muat ulang layanan SSH

7. Ujicoba SSH ke Jump server

Sekarang kalian akan dimintai kode Google Authenticator setiap kali Anda mencoba masuk melalui SSH.

Sekian dan Terima kasih

Monitoring OpenStack Instances with Service Discovery Prometheus + Grafana

Selain bisa mendefine target secara static, Prometheus juga mendukung konfigurasi secara dynamically menggunakan service discovery.
Salah satunya Prometheus dapat melakukan query ke Nova API untuk me-list seluruh Instances di OpenStack sebagai target untuk dimonitoring.

Node Exporter
OpenStack RC / Credential


I. Prometheus Server

1. Update server dan pasang paket pendukung

2. Unduh Prometheus Server

3. Sunting berkas konfigurasi, sesuaikan konfigurasi yang diinginkan

4. Verifikasi berkas config Prometheus server pastikan SUCCESS

5. Jalankan Prometheus server sebagai service

6. Jalankan service Prometheus Server

7. Verifikasi bahwa service Prometheus sudah berjalan

II. Grafana
1. Pasang Grafana

2. Jalankan service Grafana

3. Akses Grafana Dashboard http://ip-server:3000

– Login dengan usename dan passsword admin/admin
– Klik 'Add Datasource'
– Name: Prometheus, Type: Prometheus
– Http settings: http://localhost:9090
– Klik 'Save and Test'.
Pastikan hasilnya 'success' dan 'datasource added'

4. Buat dashboard atau bisa juga unduh di https://grafana.com/dashboards sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda, sebagai contoh:

III. Node Exporter

1. Pasang Node Exporter ditiap Instance yang ingin anda monitoring

Sekarang saat ada Instances baru anda hanya perlu memasang atau menambahkan Node Exporter (bisa juga dipasang waktu create Instance di Customization Script) dan secara otomatis Prometheus server akan men-scrapenya dan viola! seluruh Instances bisa dimonitoring di dashboard Grafana sekarang 😀


Enable Soft Delete to Recover Deleted Instances OpenStack

Ubah konfigurasi Nova di node semua Controller dan semua node Compute

Cari nilai reclaim_instance_interval

Ubah nilainya sesuai yang diinginkan misal ingin menahan Instance agar tidak dihapus secara permanent selama 1 hari (24 jam x 3600 = 86400 detik) berarti isikan

Muat ulang service nova-api di Node Controller

Muat ulang service nova-compute di Node Compute

List Instances

Ujicoba hapus Instance

Cek List instance yang sudah di Hapus, jika kita aktifkan Soft Delete maka statusnya akan menjadi SOFT_DELETE sampai batas waktu yang sudah kita tentukan akan berubah menjadi DELETED

Ujicoba Restore Instance

Lalu bagaimana jika kita ingin segera memakai resource kita tanpa menunggu 1 hari? bisa gunakan perintah

Sekian dan Terima kasih!