[FR] openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 – Tokyo Japan

openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 Tokyo, Japan
This event at Tokyo is the fourth in openSUSE.Asia Summit.
I become excited to take part in this event, when I heard that Japan has been chosen as the host. One of the ways to take part is by submitting a paper.

Not long after, I got the news that my paper was accepted. Yeay, finally I can go to Japan. Along with my friends who also got accepted too, we bought and prepared all the things needed.

Three day before the actual main event, with three of my friends from GNU/Linux Bogor, we left from Jakarta to Tokyo by ANA (All Nippon Airways). The journey to Tokyo took around 7 hours (3,596 Miles)

The first day arrived in Tokyo, I was very surprised by the weather. It was around 10°C. Me and my friend Kukuh, only got time to go around Shibuya and see Hachiko statue. After that, we went directly to our place of stay.

The second day, we went out around noon and decided to visit the Fujiko F Fujio Museum. After that, at night we came to the welcome party held by the committee at UEC (University of Electro Communications).

Day 1, I followed some sessions on the first day and got to meet lot of new people. So exciting!

Day 2, The day I presented my paper about OpenStack LBaaS with openSUSE Leap. All went well, thanks God 🙂

The next day after the event is finished, the committee has planned for us a one-day trip to Hinode Pier, Skytree and Akihabara.
Thanks a lot for the sightseeing trip 🙂

Since I still got two more days left in Tokyo, me and my friend Dhenandi, moved to hostel near Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa and have planned to visit some places nearby.

The last day in Japan, before going back home, I took the time to go to Odaiba to see Gundam and Liberty statues. They are huge! 😀
Trip to openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 is truly a pleasant experience, it was an unforgettable time to be the part of the openSUSE.Asia Summit in Tokyo.

You can see more pictures on Flickr

Arigatōgozaimashita, Thank you and see you next year!

Ulasan Sepatu FANS Edisi Spesial openSUSE

Ya, saya masih (belum) bisa move on dari acara openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 yang keren itu.

Maka dari itu berikut sedikit ulasan dari saya mengenai sepatu yang saya dapatkan di acara super keren di Yogyakarta kemarin:

Agak sedikit berbeda dengan sepatu FANS edisi GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 yang saya dapatkan tahun lalu waktu jadi Local Committee 😀


Bagian Kanan, terdapat informasi model, warna dan ukuran sepatu.


Bagian Kiri, terdapat 2 logo baru yang tidak saya temukan di edisi sebelumnya.


Pada edisi spesial openSUSE ini menggunakan model Sepatu FANS Casual Muller


Super Legit!




Impresi awal
Bahan Sole dari sepatu ini menggunakan Rubber berwana putih dengan grip Zigzag dan tulisan FANS dibawahnya. Tidak hanya itu mereka konsisten dalam penggunaan teknologi tapak dijahit. Bikin sepatu makin kuat dan gak khawatir lemnya haus. (red. nyoplok) 😛


Bagian Upper sepatu ini merupakan paduan keren antara Mesh dan Synthetic Leather, lining jahitan juga begitu sangat rapih. Selain itu juga terdapat logo Geeko embos dengan tulisan melingkar “FANS openSUSE INDONESIA”


dan ini yg menurut saya keren dari sepatu FANS edisi spesial openSUSE, kita dikasih openF-LOCK dan openF-POCKET sama pak Iwan Tahari, thanks Pak!

Ini merupakan inovasi desain terbuka dari sepatu FANS dengan tampilan yang keren, ringan dan praktirs. Bisa mempermudah kita dalam melepas atau mengikat sepatu.


Kantung tempat menaruh sisa tali sepatu yg sudah diikat, dilengkapi dengan karet yang dimasukan ke Tongue. Jadi gak perlu khawatir lagi tali sepatu terlepas keluar atau terinjak.


Sepatu FANS ini sangat nyaman untuk digunakan, terutama bagi kalian yang suka lepas pasang sepatu karena ada fitur openF-LOCK dan openF-POCKET yang sangat membantu. Selain karena nyaman untuk digunakan, sepatu ini menggunakan bahan berkualitas yang kuat yang dapat lebih tahan lama. Sedikit kekurangannya hanya pada Sole nya yang sedikit licin . Tapi secara keseluruhan sepatu ini sangat sangat lah keren!

On feet! gimana, keren kan? 😛


Foto on feet ini dijepret oleh si Pule dengan kamera pinjeman dari si Dendy

Foto-foto saya lainnya bisa dilihat di album Flickr, dan tutorial cara pemasangan openF-LOCK bisa cek di channel YouTube-nya Aris.

Terima kasih sepatu FANS, pak Iwan Tahari dan openSUSE Indonesia!

ps. jika mau preorder sepatu ini, silahkan kunjungi tautan berikut:
Preorder Sepatu FANS openSUSE Indonesia

[FR] openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 – Yogyakarta Indonesia

On June 6th, 2016 Indonesia has been chosen as the next place for the openSUSE Asia Summit. The committee opened Call For Paper from June 22th, 2016 until August 3rd, 2016. After reading the announcement I started to write a paper about Clustering Docker with Docker Swarm on openSUSE

Fortunately, my paper was chosen as one of accepted papers. Hence, I became one of the Speakers for the conference. I felt so excited, to support my presentation I made some experiments on Docker’s Clustering

After that, I applied for financial support to the openSUSE.
The committee accepted my travel support proposal, Yeah! but with some minor changes 😛

On the day before the actual main event. I, along with my other 9 friends from GNU/Linux Bogor , left from Jakarta to Yogyakarta by train (Taksaka Pagi). The journey to Yogyakarta took around 8 hours.

On the next day, there was the pre summit (Day0) where I attended the workshop as a participant with Aris.

After that, on tomorrow afternoon (Day1) it was the schedule for my presentation

The second day (Day2), I follow some sessions and then I meet a lot of new people 🙂

with Geeko

After the main event has finished the local committee planed for us One Day Trip to Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple and Malioboro

In the end, the whole event was such a good and fun experience for me!
I hope i can attend on the next Summit.

You can see more pictures on Flickr. Video available at YouTube.

Thank you, Matur Suwun, Terima kasih! 😀